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Stress relievers for post-explant and pre-explant.


The last thing you need to do before or after surgery is think about this tough economy and money woes, they can bring stress to many people. Here are ways to relax and calm your nerves at home for free (or close to it).

Hard times bring on stress. BII is not something everyone will understand like you do. Perhaps your spouse just got laid off, and you are now able to have your surgery. Not only do they place mounds of pressure on the person enduring them, but they also put money (or the lack of it) in the spotlight.

Traditional stress relievers are expensive. Spa treatments, massage parlors, acupuncture, and vacations to exotic locales all sound like a heavenly mind-body experience that can melt all bad feelings away quickly, but to pay the bills for these momentary getaways is simply out of reach for many people. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to reduce stress by using items that are already laying around your home. These techniques not only make your stress disappear, but they are also light on the budget.

Bring the day spa home.

Begin by running a steaming hot bath. Close the bathroom door to keep the warm, relaxing air inside. Put a few drops of any essential oil (peppermint, rose, lavender, etc.) into the bath to fill the room with a wonderful scent. If you do not have any oils handy, spritz your favorite perfume a couple of times into the steam. Also, light a few candles.

Running a bath and relaxing can also help improve your sleep

Depending on the size and layout of your bathroom, you may want to put one or two on the sink, one on the back of the toilet, or on a shelf to distribute the light. While the bath is cooling down just a bit so you can get in, cut a few thin slices of cucumber to put over your eyes (the cooling sensation when coupled with the steam feels great!) and whip up a simple sugar scrub by mixing two parts any sugar (granulated, brown, or raw) with one part oil (corn, vegetable, or olive).

If you have any essential oils, you can also mix them in for scent, but it’s not necessary. Now you can turn out the lights to let your candles do their work and go sit in your great-smelling, steamy bath with cool cucumbers on your eyes for as long as it takes to melt away your troubles. Then before you get out, scrub away any stress that’s left with your sugar scrub, and all you’ll have left to worry about is where you’re going to spend the money you saved.

Pet your pets

There is something about a warm, furry creature that instantly makes a person smile. Perhaps it is the carefree way animals live their lives that is attractive to us, or maybe it is just the fact that they’re adorable and squeezable. Whatever the reason, pets seem to have a way of instantly wiping away any stress their owners may have. So, sit on your favorite recliner and cuddle with your kitten. Stroke her head gently and concentrate on the purr. The combination of sound and vibration is somewhat hypnotic and can make you stop worrying almost instantly. If you have a dog that likes to curl up with you, essentially, the same thing can happen, minus the purr. If your dog is very active, throw a ball or stick for him, or take a jog with him. The repetitive motions will soothe away your problems until you are smiling again. And on a side note, just think how much your pet will adore the attention.

Jennifer and Charlie

Brain games (or keep your mind off it)

Sometimes you just need to distract your mind. If your brain is busy doing other things, you do not have time to think about your problems. Read a magazine if you like to live in this world; read a book if you want to take a journey to another. Get a book of brainteasers or crossword puzzles and spend the morning with a steamy cup of coffee and a pencil.

Put together a puzzle, which may help your problem-solving skills so you can better concentrate on solutions to your stresses instead of just worrying about them. Make something: knit, sew, woodwork. Keep your hands just as busy as your brain. Channel your inner child and color or draw something from your wildest imagination. Pin it up on the fridge. If you can escape to easier times, even for twenty minutes, it will lift your spirits.

These are just a few ways to get the better of your stress from the comfort of your own home. Others include cooking or baking (it’s all about smell!), Organizing  (although not everyone gets joy out of that particular activity, I know I do!), or playing with the kids (it’s great to see the world through the eyes of a child again!). Make sure if you have had your explant surgery you are able to do some of these activities, you may want to clear them with your doctor.

Just keep in mind that although a lack of money can create a lot of stress, it also helps you see what you really have around you and what you can use to make yourself happy. You can put your focus on ways to finance your surgery. Like a gofundme page, pages like if you have Allergan Breast implant part of the recall, National Center for health research and Insurance guidance for breast implant coverage BII .

Here’s to stress-free living!

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Written By Jennifer James @cleanbeautybabebyjenn