Welcome to Explant Beauty's website! We have created this website as a resource for women with Breast Implant Illness and women waiting to regain their health after removing their breast implants. We are community here to help and support each other along our unique journeys while changing the narrative on women’s health. This website helped us with creating a dedicated tribe full of passionate women who can sympathize and have compassion for everyone’s stories, we are a tight knit group that hopes to spread the word while being kind to one another and supporting each other.








Jennifer’s struggle with fatigue, brain fog, and exhaustion


 My story begins 10 years ago when I made a decision that would change my life. I felt that it was time to alter my appearance, go big as they say in Hollywood. Oh, and I went big alright. Thinking it was going to improve my self-esteem with breast implants. I am sure many of you can relate to the first time you thought about getting breast implants. What was going through your mind… Look at that actress/ model in the latest magazine, how about Becky at barre class, people we looked up to, our piers, and what society thought at the time of women who expressed themselves through a body transformation. I remember all of it, I was having a conversation with my then-boyfriend about the idea of getting breast implants and I will tell you there was not much in the way of hesitation from him. After thinking about it a while I went ahead and found a doctor that 4 or 5 of my friends had gone to. He walked me through the process just as any doctor would sliding by the health risks right into shape and size. I was self-conscious of breasts and knew I wanted a lift as well and wanted to go as minimal as possible. And I thought I really had. Shortly thereafter I get capsular contracture, then I lost my crease all within a 2-year period of time. Not realizing that my body was telling me NO very loudly, and I was not listening. My surgeon told me sometimes this happens but to have both happen is one in a million, “You just have thin skin he told me”. After my 3rd surgery, I could finally start to live my life, at the time I didn’t recognize it but I was in for a rude awakening. I am slowly started to lose my hair, my nails were not going, I started to develop what I thought and was told fibromyalgia. There are too many symptoms to list, but I had at least 30 or so. It was a slow-progressing and I had no idea it was about to become my new normal. Now looking back on being much healthier I know that that was not normal in any way.

Once I discovered from a friend that there was some called BII out there, she immediately calls me and sent me the article. She said “Jenn, this is you in every way. All the symptoms you have been telling me about for the last few years you have them. You need to look at this article. It floored me and scared me all at the same time. It took me a year to understand and to find the right doctor going back to 2018. Then I got a wake-up call from another friend, Amanda who told me the same things. This is you Jenn, everything we both have been dealing with. So I had a few consults picked a doctor and did my surgery in October 2019. That day changed my life again… This time for the better. Since my surgery, I have been dedicated to helping other women come clean with their health and their beauty. Find out all of the chemicals that are in our beauty products, food, and daily items we use scared me into a mission to help clean up. Seeing the remarkable change in my mind, body, and mood since my surgery has meant everything to me and I want to help others along the way.

Amanda and I have created a tribe of beautiful women willing to help other Breastie come clean, get healthy, and focus on moving forward to a more beautiful life.

Beauty is a passion

Jennifer is the founder of Clean Beauty Babe and Explant Beauty

Since 2010 I have been on a mission to figure out how to live a more clean, healthy beauty-ful life with non- toxic products and clean food. It is important to me especially after a health scare due to toxic breast implants, it has been a passion of mine to search out amazing products I can wear without harming myself or others. It is hard to try and try so many products searching for the right ones that really work.  That is what I have done and are still doing as we are evolving as a world and coming together as a community making others aware of alternatives that are out there, it becomes easier. I am a passionate clean beauty babe, BII survivor who is constantly master mindfulness while living a clean lifestyle. Since 2010 I have been on a mission to live a more clean, healthy beauty-ful life with non- toxic products and clean food. Sharing my story and finds through personal experience.  

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