Welcome to Explant Beauty's website! We have created this website as a resource for women with Breast Implant Illness and women waiting to regain their health after removing their breast implants. We are community here to help and support each other along our unique journeys while changing the narrative on women’s health. This website helped us with creating a dedicated tribe full of passionate women who can sympathize and have compassion for everyone’s stories, we are a tight knit group that hopes to spread the word while being kind to one another and supporting each other.








Ricci’s Story



At the age of 19 I crumbled to societal pressure to look a certain way. Unfortunately, it never even entered my head to just love my AA boobies for what they were. It was never a matter of if but when.

I was never told of the autoimmune issues and chronic inflammation that could happen as a result of having breast implants, I was never told of a cancer risk. I was told they were safe to breast feed with and I was told I would go to my grave with them. Both of which are simply not true.

Very soon after having my breast augmentation I noticed weight gain, all over body inflammation, fatigue and anxiety all of which I passed off onto getting older.

Four years after my breast augmentation things took a turn for the worse. I had knee surgery to remove what they thought were cysts but ended up being knee lining that had shriveled into balls from chronic inflammation, my knee never healed from this surgery and lead to a diagnoses of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was put on a cocktail of immune suppressants, steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. I even had radiation treatment to further burn out the knee lining.

Capsular Contracture
Capsular Contracture

This went on for 10 years with me trying every possible treatment available both mainstream and alternative medicine.

After 12 years I developed capsular contracture which I was told by 3 different surgeons that it was safe to leave and I just need to have an MRI every 2 years to make sure they hadn’t ruptured. After 18months the capsular contracture got so bad the implant was actually sticking out visible under the skin and it was extremely painful.

It was time to have it corrected and I was talked into replacement. This surgeon did tell me of the newly found risks of Anaplastic large cell lymphoma and while researching this I stumbled across Breast Implant Illness, it lead me to a group where I found thousands of women that had all the same symptoms I had been experiencing.

Within 5 days I went from replacing my implants with bigger ones to having them removed completely.

It was a lot to process the potential aesthetic outcome but I had to put my health first. I didn’t know for sure that taking them out would improve my health but as far as I was concerned I had nothing to lose.

The moment I woke from surgery I felt a sense of relief, I felt lighter and brighter. That night I kneeled on my knees to get something out of my hospital bag.

After Surgery
Capsule Surgery, Explant

This in itself was miraculous, i hadn’t been able to do this for 10 years.

My health continued to improve and while it is not perfect no one can take the night and day difference I felt and continue to feel every day. Although I have permanent damage in my joints I have full range of movement, I no longer suffer from anxiety, my hashimotos is under control, my memory is better as most of all my life is better.

I have dedicated the last three years to creating awareness with an amazing community of women doing the same, this in itself has also been so healing for me.

The progress we as a community have made is exciting and I look forward to what is to come.

I wish you all good health and happiness xx 

Written and Experienced by Ricci.