Holistic beauty coach, Amanda Porta blends her love of aesthetics and natural health to help her clients achieve optimal results. She has worked in all areas of the beauty industry for 18 years and has trained under some of the best practitioners in the country. Early on, in order to get the best results for herself and others, Amanda realized the importance of incorporating holistic health into all of her treatment plans. 

Her love of innovation inspired her to introduce the concept of wellness to the plastic surgery industry in 2012. She created a non-toxic skincare line and strategized business relationships with wellness and beauty brands for a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. She is passionate about educating and inspiring people to become their personal best. 

Ms. Porta has found a niche as an explant liaison for women going through Breast Implant Illness. Having gone through the illness herself, she has explanted, detoxed, healed, and can guide women through their own explant journeys. She has advised thousands of women around the world from celebrities to athletes to prominent businesswomen that have trusted her expertise to support them through this health crisis. Amanda has received her certification as a wellness coach through Trinity School of Wellness. Amanda has appeared on KIRO TV, KTLA Channel 5 and the podcast What Say You with Gavin McCleod- Valentine.