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Breast Implant Illness
“Breast Implant Illness” is the term frequently used by women whose breast implants have caused a pattern of debilitating symptoms, such as joint pain, “brain fog,” fatigue, and other flu-like symptoms that don’t go away. Many but not all these health issues seem to be related to autoimmune disorders or connective tissue diseases. Breast implant illness is not a medical diagnosis and most plastic surgeons reject the term. However, many women with this pattern of health problems report that they recovered dramatically (sometimes completely) after their breast implants were removed. by the National Center for Health Research. 

Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)
BIA-ALCL is a rare form of cancer of the immune system. Experts now agree that women with breast implants are more likely to develop ALCL. Since it will develop in the breast area, it is called Breast Implant Associated-ALCL (BIA-ALCL). by the National Center for Health Research. 

Definitions presented courtesy of National Center for Health Research

Brain fog, memory loss 
Muscle/joint pain 
Hair loss, Dry Skin and Hair 
Premature Aging 
Weight Problems 
Poor Sleep and Insomnia 
Dry Eyes, Decline in Vision
Hypo/Hyper Thyroid Symptoms

Hypo/Hyper Adrenal Symptoms 
Hormone Imbalance 
Low Libido 
Slow Healing, Easy Bruising 
Difficulty Swallowing 
Gastrointestinal Issues
Leaky Gut, IBS and SIBO 
Fevers/Night Sweats 

Yeast Infections
Skin Rashes 
Ear Ringing 
Food Intolerances/Allergies 
Slow Muscle Recovery 
Heart Palpitations
Sore and Aching Joints 
Swollen and Tender Lymph Nodes
Numbness/Tingling Sensation 

Cold and Discolored Limbs 
Shortness of Breath 
Pain and/or Burning Sensation 
Liver and Kidney Disfunction
Feeling Like You Are Dying 
Symptoms of Fibromyalgia 
Symptoms of Lyme Disease
Symptoms of Lupus 
Auto Immune Diseases 

BII Symptoms

"I'd like to thank Explant Liaison for the support she gave not only me but all other women on their journeys with breast implant illness. All the hours you spent with me as I started my explant journey. You made me feel like I wasn't alone anymore. Thank you for all you are doing. You are appreciated" - J.R.