Holistic beauty coach, Amanda blends her love of aesthetics and natural health to help her clients achieve optimal results. She has worked in all areas of the beauty industry for 18 years and has trained under some of the best practitioners in the country. Early on, in order to get the best results for herself and others, Amanda realized the importance of incorporating holistic health into all of her treatment plans.  

As an intuitive, Amanda was guided to infuse wellness into plastic surgery in Beverly Hills in 2012. She created a non toxic skin care line, a supplement line and strategized business relationships with wellness and beauty brands for a prominent plastic surgeon. She is passionate about educating and inspiring people to become their personal best and a pioneer in her industry. 

Amanda has found a niche as an Explant Liaison for women going through Breast Implant Illness. Having gone through the illness herself, she has explanted, detoxed and healed her body and now guides other women through their own explant journeys. She has advised thousands of women across the world from athletes to celebrities to prominent business women, mothers and sisters. They have all found comfort with her supporting them though this health crisis. Amanda has received her certification in Wellness from Trinity School of Wellness. She has appeared on KIRO TV 7, KTLA Channel 5, various podcasts and in radio.


"Special shout out to Dr Brenner's Explant Liaison for helping me adjust to life post implants. I feel so lucky to have connected to a community of women who have shared the same path" - C.P. 

Jennifer is the owner and creator of Clean Beauty by Jenn; a wellness platform to teach people how to live a toxin-free life. She has grown up with a knowledge of how regular day-to-day items could be affecting our health, and after suffering from Breast Implant Illness herself, she and a team of like-minded women developed the platform Explant Liaison to assist women going through what she experienced. Along with Clean Beauty by Jenn, she has developed an all-encompassing resource to bring women together to learn and support clean living and a healthy environment.   

Since 2010 she has been on a mission to figure out how to live a more clean, healthy beauty-ful life with clean products and organic foods. It is important to her especially after a health scare due to toxic breast implants, it has been a passion of hers to search out amazing products I can wear without harming myself or others. It is a process to try product after product to find the right one that works but also has clean ingredients. That is what she has done and are still doing as we are evolving and coming together as a community making others aware of alternatives that are out there, it becomes easier. Jennifer a passionate Clean Beauty Babe, BII survivor who is constantly mastering mindfulness while living a clean lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for helpful tips, tricks, and products she swears by.